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Alphatest is a privately owned and independent company. For over ten years, we have been creating and publishing IQ tests on the internet.

As you may know, The Intelligence Quotient or IQ for short is one of the factors which have greatly impact on our social life, career or study, etc.

Albert Einstein

IQ 160

Emma Watson

IQ 137

Donald Trump

IQ 156

Barack Obama

IQ 140

George W. Bush

IQ 125

Find out how your intelligence is, how your personality tends to be. All IQ, EQ and MBTI tests at Iq-test.net will help you to decipher your intelligence, emotions and trends. Questions are designed and constructed to help you find the strengths and weaknesses of yourself.

You have to take the tests within a certain time frame. Then the Iq-test.net system will return results correctly and valid. Note that tests including IQ, EQ and MBTI will return the most accurate results in the first time you take the test at IQ-TEST.NET.


This is an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test with all standard components. These include questions related to logical reasoning, geometry, space intelligence, and mathematics. Results will quickly show up after you complete the exam. Note that there is only one answer that is the most accurate in each question. Take the free IQ test now.

You can also find out about IQ of celebrities here


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Those who have highest IQ Test have the ability to understand as well as analyze a problem or information deeper and faster compared to normal people. And the most common, gratis and precise tool to indicate one’s IQ is the Test IQ online.

There are many kinds to check iq. However, they all are designed to estimate the ability of human intelligence.

The International High IQ Society’s Free IQ test is based on our work with many different kinds of international tests, experiments and of course, all of them are at the highest accuracy. If you would like to test IQ, you will have to finish 26 questions in 24 minutes. This test will help you to assess your IQ in the range 77 – 142 SD 15 and is completely gratis.

This quick test is 100% visual work, which means anyone from any countries can do it. Even a person who cannot read can also still test IQ.

Based on your online IQ Test, we classify the result into:

IQ scores :

  • Below 85, below average (16%)
  • From 85 to 115, average (68%)
  • From 115 to 130, above average (14%)
  • From 130 to 145, gifted (2%)
  • Above 145, genius or close-to-genius (0,1%)

IQ scores distribution curve based on population ratio

So, are you in the top 16%, 68% or 0,1% the world population? Are you a member of “2% of world population” club? Let’s find the answer by this quick IQ Test free right now!

Note: This is the free IQ test serving community. The test will be stopped when time is up. If your IQ scores is > 130, please send your information to us by using the form Here so we can update your result to our High IQ members board.

High IQ Members (IQ > 130)

Member Name Year of Birth Address Hobbies IQ Test Result
Tomcsik Marcell 1993 Hungary Music, Arts, Mathematic, Logic, Theology, Philosophy, Psyhologie, Languages 171 Details
Luca Fiorani 1992 Italy Philosophy 171 Details
Enzo Braghetto Müller 1997 Chile Music, Research, Mathematics, Martial arts, mostly science stuff. 165 Details
Amirreza Moulaei 2001 Iran videogames, surfing the web 162 Details
Taeyeon Lee 1988 Republic of Korea self development 158 Details
Hala El Tranisy 1993 Australia Family 158 Details
Petr Tomascin 1972 Czech Republic chess, running 158 Details
Min Seong Lim 1996 Korea walking, talking, thinking 158 Details
Hala El Tranisy 1993 Australia Family 158 Details
António Sérgio Teles 1996 Portugal Playing/listening music, watch movies/series, learn new skills, computer games, puzzles. 154 Details
SEYEDTAHER KHALILNEZHAD 1985 Iran Reading, Learning Language, Designing, Thinking 154 Details
Denis Walch 1992 Austria reading, dancing, writing, science, psychology, medicine, biology, languages, physics etc. 151 Details
Elena Amateom 1980 Romania Neurobiology, Painting, Philosophy, Astronomy, Puzzles 151 Details
Burak Yulug 1973 Turkey Chess 151 Details
Jawdat Wehbe Wehbe 1978 Venezuela Solving standard IQ test, high range IQ test, Mathematics and logical thinking 148 Details
Balacescu Victor 1953 Romania flying car design 148 Details
Abtin 1989 Iran Reading, Programming, Math, physic, philosophy, video games, Experimental music, Movies 148 Details
Nikola Stojicevic 1995 Serbia Writing, learning 145 Details
詹伟佳 1982 中国广东潮州官塘 喝茶 145 Details
Daniel C. Miranda 1995 Philippines Reading, Drawing , Reflecting , Writing , Singing , Solving puzzles , Playing Chess 145 Details
Ahmad Thariq 1997 Indonesia Playing Football, Reading(Philosophy, Psychology, Logic), Solving IQ test 145 Details
Tony Mahone 1989 United States Logical thinking, IQ test, IQ Test high range , Advanced Mathematics . 142 Details
Mohammad Afghari 1983 Iran Teaching History 142 Details
Edmon Magsalin 1990 Philippines Playing online games 142 Details
Gabriele Carambia 1991 Italy Think 142 Details
Vinton Adrian 1995 India Watching movies, learning new languages, reading books and occasionally writing poems, 140 Details
Nguyen Ngoc Vinh 1996 Viet Nam Watch movies , play games, listen to music 140 Details
Kenzo ishumura 1993 Iran Programming iq test videogames 140 Details
Toni Fuller 1997 Seatle Play games, watch movies , listen to music , eat and drink. 138 Details
Wonjae Oh 2001 South Korea Economics, Writing, Video Games, Music, Philosophy 138 Details
Olivia Dalves 1997 Brazil Mystery , Secret letter , Logic 137 Details
Nguyen Thien Nga 1996 Viet Nam Reading book, surfing,... 137 Details
Marinos Hindkjaer 1975 Denmark collector 137 Details
Jonas Larsson 1986 Sweden Take it chill. 137 Details
Marshal Arijona Sinaga 1998 Indonesia programming,solving math problem,playing chess 137 Details
Daniel Diamond 1985 London play games, watch movie 137 Details
Albert Diamond 1985 London play basketball, read book 137 Details
Markus Westerlund 1991 Sweden, far north Music, writing and playing. Learning and understanding stuff. Poker, and much else. 137 Details
Yuan ShuaiZhuo 1996 China Behavioristic psychology,Math,Piano,LOL,Tell jokes 137 Details
Joshua Rodewald 1996 voßkuhlenweg Fitness, Sports, Videogames, Books, IT, Maths 137 Details
Junaid 1991 Pakistan Video games 136 Details
Ole Voß 2000 Germany Gaming 136 Details
Philip Castracucco 1992 1120 Warburton Ave Gaming 136 Details
Hung Anh 1992 Vietnam wife, games, 9gag 136 Details
Thanh Doan Phuong 1989 Vietnam Traveling 136 Details
Phạm Thị Cẩm Ly 2002 Việt Nam Hát 136 Details
Amar Imamović 2003 Nurije Pozderca 1. Quantum Physics 136 Details
Michael Wray 1992 8986 sw 115th st Video Games such as MOBA's, MMORPG's, CSGO, Halo, Survival Games. Playing Guitar, Coding Scripts, Online Trading, Working. 136 Details
Dinh Hai Anh 1998 Singapore Screenwriting, games, music, talking to people,.. 136 Details
Igor Dobrijevic 1996 Germany Football, Gaming, Drinking 135 Details
Muhammad Iman Ilhamy 1998 Germany Music 135 Details
Henri Kolehmainen 1993 Finland Music, videogames, websurfing, designing and watching movies/tv shows 135 Details
Alex Miron 1990 Bucharest Programming, Swimming, Entrepreneurship 135 Details
Dory Muller 1989 Breakers Drive Gym, reading, cryptology, philosophy, existentialism 135 Details
Ng Zi Siang 1988 Singapore Science and politics 135 Details
Lê Tiến 2000 Cổng 7, Đại Học Tôn Đức Thắng look 135 Details
Juliana Silva Nunes 2001 Brazil Writing, reading, singing 135 Details
Joseph Haas 1992 USA Physical Exercise, Studying Language, Psychology, Music, Mathematics, Science, Logic, and Philosophy 135 Details
Bùi Văn Thiếp 1993 Lạc Sơn, Hoà Bình, Việt Nam Hát, Chơi đàn, du lịch,... 135 Details
Jozo Krstanović 1999. Cvite Fiskovića 3, 21000 Split, Hrvatska playing guitar, playing video games, reading, writing poetry 135 Details
Ruiran Guo 1994/12/2 Room 301 Unit 2 Building 1 No.203 Huachang Road reading 135 Details
Elmo Blazetic 1997 367A Caledonian road Music, chemistry, drawing male genitalia on dusty vehicles 135 Details
Melnyk Volodymyr 1994 Ukraine psychology, art, cooking, sport 135 Details
VONBERG 1957 Belgium / Philippeville programming , chess 135 Details
Mattia Altamura 1994 Latina Music, online marketing, languages, science, art, sports, psychology, self development 135 Details
Adnan Ahmad 1989 Pakistan Music, Games, Reading, Poetry, Painting 135 Details
Klemens Grossmann 1971 Germany MOOCs, philososophy, physics, maths, classical music 135 Details
Tran Huu Nhut 1994 Kon tum Reading book 135 Details
Chris Besios 1998 Greece Science,Music,Football,Gaming 135 Details
Francesco Brescia 1995 Italy Collectionism, reading, geopolitics, military strategy 135 Details
Vladimir Angelov 1995 Bulgaria programming, computer games, table tennis 135 Details
Mohamed Abo Shady 1985 Egypt Reading, Networking 135 Details
Elyes moueddeb 1996 Bizerte psychology phylosophy sociology anthropology 135 Details
Doan Thi Dung 1988 Da Lat reading, shopping, eating 135 Details
José Enrique Benlloch Izquierdo 1990 Spain philosophy 135 Details
Michael Burrow 1993 Sydney Stories , swordplay movies , strolling tourists . 135 Details
Hermione Swinnerton 1991 Orange County Play vehicles , machinery and research , tourism 135 Details
Jason Medew 1992 UK Music , movies , iq test , café chatting . 135 Details
Calvin Irons 1990 London Take pictures , sports , chat with friends , watch movies 134 Details
Alex Gade 1997 Singapore Art , painting , reading 134 Details
Fred Ganger 1990 Las Vegas Test IQ, Cine, Animax 134 Details
Zhenyu Yin 1989 Canada Badminton. Puzzles 134 Details
Suneej Surendran Nair 1987 Buffels Str 39 Computer Programming, Creative Writing, Violin, Dancing 134 Details
Rafael Pires Barbosa 1985 Brazil Too many to take any of them seriously 134 Details
john tough 1991 york astronomy, boxing, biology 134 Details
Jonas Pauly 30. 01. 1982 Germany Psychology, Poker, Buddhism, Sports 134 Details
Samuel Cardoso Weissberg 1984 Brasil Videogames, TV shows and watch concerts 134 Details
Cea Angel Albert 03/03/1985 Paris dacncer 134 Details
elemile 1984 Mexico japanese media, butterflies, drawing, piano, puzzles 134 Details
Riris Hotnauli Manurung 2000 Indonesia Searching information 134 Details
Cung Thế Tùng 28-10-2001 Viet Nam movie 134 Details
Patricio Diaz Medin 1991 Argentina Reading, Coding, Games 134 Details
Leif Ole Bech 1981 Skellet 4 It, painting 134 Details
Szymon Frydrychowski 1979 Lodz, Poland science, cosmology, history, geopolitics, snooker 133 Details
Sander Neutelaers 2001 Alken, Belgium Music 133 Details
Eren Bilgin 1999 Turkey Solving Rubik's Cubes, Call of Duty, Football and Skydiving 133 Details
Takeshige OZAWA 1975 Japan Design, Motorcycle, Computer, Listen Music 133 Details
Szymon Bukowiec 2000 Poland Economy, books, videography, art 133 Details
Didrik Bjørnstad 2003 Norway Guitar, Vidya 133 Details
Живко Маринов 1987 Sofia Computers 133 Details
Karol Rostkowski 1996 Poland Language learning, programing, gaming 133 Details
George makdissi 1985 Syria damascus Reading. Music. 133 Details
iqbal irwansyah 1997 indonesia sleep and reading book. 133 Details
Robert Zhang 1999 California, Sacramento Computer Science, Reading, Psychology 133 Details
Chihiro Tomita 1992 Japan Ski,Computer,Car maintenance 133 Details
Jonathan Carr 1996 United States Videogames 133 Details
Ryan Vigilia 1993 Broadway dancing, piano, hiking, 133 Details
Sarah Tidwell 1990 116 Smithville Trailer Park Spending time with family 133 Details
Tim Tarek Becker 2000 hessen Running, swimming, riding bycicle, hearing to audible, computer and reading. 133 Details
Sahil Lakhmani 2003 56/45 New Bairahana Allahabad INDIA Lover of Music 133 Details
Brian Ta 1999 Pomona chemistry, python, video games, sleeping 133 Details
Ngoc Thuy Nguyen 1992 South Australia Traveling 133 Details
Rei Torizawa 1976 Tokyo reading, research, 133 Details
Lucas S. Portella 1998 Brazil Read books, play chess, IQ tests, watch movies, write stories, drawning, singing 133 Details
David Manuel 1993 Canberra Write books , write stories , mathematics , physics , Test iq . 133 Details
Danny Cooney 1992 Scotland Café , cinema , web code , programming 132 Details
Johnnathan Malvern 1990 Melbourne Speed, game moba, test iq, rock metal..vv 132 Details
Shinji Higuchi 1960 Japan movies reading books 132 Details
Ebony Diamond 1994 Germany Like reading comic books, watching movies, programming , chess , painting 132 Details
Le Phu Hai 1993 Viet Nam Vẽ, Photograper, Game, Design Architecture ... 132 Details
Daniel Miranda 1995 Philippines Reading, Drawing , Reflecting , Writing , Singing , Solving puzzles , Playing Chess 132 Details
Mochamad Rois Nabhan 1999 Indonesia Basket,footbal,sit,eat,fly,sleep,read book 132 Details
Jacey Nguyen 1996 Viet Nam Listening to Music, Eating, Playing games 132 Details
Nguyen Thanh Tung 1992 Viet Nam travel 132 Details
Le Dai Cuong 1996 Viet Nam Music, Book, Horror Movies 132 Details
Mochamad Rois Nabhan 2000 Indonesia logic,physycs,maths,playing 132 Details
Steffanie Quibete 1994 Manila Playing basketball, Reading, Watching movies. 132 Details
Nguyen Huynh Yen Nhi 2000 Viet Nam phay games 132 Details
Ahmadreza Araste 1989 Iran Movie, Music, Writing, Exploration, Research 132 Details
Li Shenyuan 1987/06/07 China Badminton, Photography, History, Science 132 Details
Rashmika Fernando 1995 Srilanka Watching Tv Series 132 Details
Daniel Herr 2000 Germany Reading books about physics, to solve Rubik`s Cubes, learning russian. 132 Details
Piyush Bartakke 1995 India Reading, photography, trekking 132 Details
James Stuart Ross McBeath 1980 England Poetry/Philosophy and IQ tests. 132 Details
Jamshid Khoshimov 1995 Uzbekistan football, tennis, logic problems 132 Details
Gvozden Rovina 1969 Ljubljana Astronomy, SF, Cartography 132 Details
David Tothill 1966 Ontario Ave Fishing, Softball, watching Buffalo Bills football 132 Details
Yoshiyuki Takano 1963 Japan Playing and Listening music, Travel abroad, Puzzles, Going out for gourmet etc... 132 Details
Antonio Mazzoccoli 2001 Italy Chess, music, IQ tests. 132 Details
Francesco Carlomagno 1992 Italy Videogame, gym, psychology 132 Details
Aleksandra Kolesnichenko 1995 London game theory, trading 132 Details
Hasan Soahib 1990 Pakistan Reading, playing games, listening to music. 132 Details
Nicholas Frick 2002 Switzerland playing video games, do sports 132 Details
Sri Sugawa 1995 Indonesia eat,reading,swimming 132 Details
Fredrik Farhadian 1972 Sweden Reading, travelling, sports 132 Details
Vernel Alberto 1981 Australia Thinking of nothing 132 Details
Ace Tsang 1989 HK movie, comic 132 Details
Ema Martina Kraljevic 1984 Croatia Yoga,meditation,salsa,mounteering 132 Details
Takegawa Igata 1984 Jungle Nothing 132 Details
mohamed nemattalla 1970 egypt ggg 132 Details
Lisa 1984 Germany music [listening, playing, singing] , games, my friends 132 Details
Abhi Gupta 1983 Australia Swimming, Travelling, Excel, Linux, Movies 132 Details
Armin Zafari 1993 Toronto Soccer 132 Details
Xu man 1996 Beijing Music 132 Details
Denis Walch 1992 Austria reading, dancing, writing 132 Details
Hanyie Zijoodi 2000 Iran watching movies, music, writing, learning new language 132 Details
Hanyie Zijoodi 2000 Iran watching movies, music, writing, learning new language 132 Details
Danilo Díaz 1992 Colombia Leer, escribir, ver películas, filosofía, ayudar a animales necesitados. 132 Details
Anas T.P.M 1998 Houston Programming, art, music 132 Details
Oksana Levshin 1993 United States talking to my cat, breathing 132 Details
Jacques O V 1990 Québec Hockey piano motorcycle 132 Details
Marco Antonio Espinoza 1995 Peru Play soccer, dancing, work out 132 Details
Luke Lee 1991 Korea Film watching 132 Details
Dan Kamnikar 1987 England Sports, Engineering, Traveling 132 Details
HarshaVardhan 1998 H.no97,3rd cross ,kesavaingunta Nothing 132 Details
Arman Foroughi 1989 Tehran Gym 132 Details
Daniel Antônio de Matos Fernandes 1998 Brazil RPG, Programing, read comics/mangas/books, music 132 Details
Nathan Courtney 1975 Sydney sports, fitness, motoring, Weightlifting, hiking/climbing 132 Details
Magnus Jensås 2000 Norway Networking 132 Details
Kamil Gałczyński 22.06.1998 Poland Books 132 Details
Christian Chochlik 2002 Mníchova Lehota Gym, hanging out with friends 132 Details
阮豪修 1999 中国云南省昆明市 philosophy literature listening music writing a novel 132 Details
Pham Thi Thuy Trang 1995 Hanoi, Vietnam Sleeping, Movie 132 Details
Benjamin Perković 7.7.1994 Brace Radića 115 cycling,movies,video games 132 Details
Vu Manh Tat Thang 1993 Viet Nam Music 132 Details
mohamad yavari 2001 Iran exercising' learn chemistry 'play soccer 132 Details
Rhiannon Coleman 2000 224 Station Road, Burton Latimer Singing, Reading, Driving, Drinking 132 Details
Stefan Vermij 1987 Koningin Wilhelminalaan Games, Hikes in Nature, Music 132 Details
木森 1995 China Writing 132 Details
Phil Gilbert 1980 UK Guitar, puzzles, music, sport, reading, architecture and real estate development 132 Details
Keneth Barbecho 2001 United States Listen music, play video games 131 Details
Angela Yu 2000 New York Playing instruments, reading, listening to music 131 Details
Dblblood Salaudin 1991 Chatham st gaming 131 Details
Michael Wray 1992 Kamsas Video Games 131 Details
Saif Albouq 1999 Ferdous 24 Video games, Music , 131 Details
Jozef Varjan 31.1.1982 Praha, Czech Republic programming, 3D Graphics, Music, Books, Science, Technology 131 Details
Winston C 1978 Melbourne, Australia Reading the Bible 131 Details
Joshua Pattanathu Thomas 1992 Dubai, UAE Reading, Shooting, Fishing, skiing, swimming. 131 Details
Phan Thúy Hằng 2003 Khu 3 , Thị Độc , Thị Trấn Hưng Hà surf the web ,to read comics 131 Details
Muhammad Harsan Malaka 1990 Indonesia Reading, Playing Video Games 131 Details
Nguyen Ngoc Huynh Anh 1988 Vietnam swimming, listen to music, watch movies, go with my family and friends 131 Details
Sandra Rapalaviciene 1977 The Netherlands Books, languages 131 Details
Veridiana Canas 1977 São Paulo, SP, Brazil Reading, writing, thinkning, findind patterns, researching 131 Details
Craig Christopher Hook 1969 California USA Fragrance, fashion, music 131 Details
Chris Jenks 1978 Oakland Bird Watching, Researching and Investing in stocks, Finding Value, Suspense TV Series, Wine, Hiking, Pop Psych 131 Details
Virnaliz Fajardo August Philippines Music, Arts, Swimming/Running, Traveling, Computers/Techie stuff, Reading about astronomy/environment/archaelogy/forex/stocks, 131 Details
Assar Bergfors 1981 Atterbomsgatan 12 Singing 131 Details
Matthew Sciascia 1992 New York exercise, video games 131 Details
Sofia Natasya 1990 Malaysia Photography, art, selfimprovement, reading 131 Details
Steven English 1991 New York Rock , tourism , food... 131 Details
Ashlea Scotfield 1993 Ireland Café , watching movies, listening to music Zheng 131 Details
Will Mckay 1992 California Detective novels , comic books, animation 131 Details
Kevin Stark 1988 Queensland Chatting , reading , movies ... 131 Details
Mark Marasco 1989 Paris Gym, reading book 131 Details
Taylor Harris 1995 Italy Swimming, singing, fashion. 131 Details
Kelly Kennedy 1999 New Zealand Watch movies , play games, listen to music 131 Details