People with ENFJ often have an extroverted feelings. They solve problems by their feelings, or based on what suitable with their personal value. Moreover, ENFJ also have an introverted intuition, where they think base on their intuition.
Some featured traits of an ENFJ:
  • Faithful and care for people
  • Appreciate other people’s emotions
  • Highly evaluate structure and organization
  • Appreciate harmony and good at creating that harmony
  • Excellent in treating people
  • Don’t like logical problems
  • Ability to organize and arrange
  • Creative and imaginary
  • Like variety and challenges
  • Happy when helping people
  • Sensitive with criticism and conflict
  • Need approval and support from other people to satisfy themselves
The flexible in their personality makes them spend much time choosing their career. They will do a good job in the environment where they are supported and encouraged, especially in occupation which they can communicate with people and face with variety of challenges.
The occupation list below is expected to be most suitable for an ENFJ. This list is just a reference, not a detailed list. So there is no commitment whether they can be suitable with you or not.
Some suggested occupation for an ENFJ:
  • Consultant
  • Psychologist
  • Community service
  • Sale representative
  • Human resources
  • Manager
  • Event organizer
  • Politician or diplomat
Some famous ENFJ:
  • Abraham Lincoln: US President
  • Elizabeth Dole: American politician
  • Johnny Deep (Pirates of the Caribbean): American actor
  • Oprah Winfrey: host program on TV