ESTJ is an extroverted person. They control everything by their logical thinking. Moreover, ESTJ also have inner sense through their felling about the world clearly and detailed.
Some featured traits of an ESTJ:
  • A natural leader as they like to lead
  • Appreciate security and tradition
  • Faithful
  • Hard working and strong
  • Have a clear standard and belief system
  • Don’t like inadequate ability or ineffectiveness
  • Organizing skill
  • Interested in orders and structure
  • Thoughtful
  • Follow the project until it’s done
  • Clever
  • Honest and downright
  • Desire to complete their own tasks
ESTJ have many choices in their career. They are good at many areas because they always make their effort to make things better. They feel comfortable as a leader, because they have a talent in taking responsibility. ESTJ is suitable with occupation which require them to create orders and structure.
The occupation list below is expected to be most suitable for an ESTJ. This list is just a reference, not a detailed list. So there is no commitment whether they can be suitable with you or not.
Some suggested occupation for an ESTJ:
  • Magistrate
  • Manager
  • Accountant
  • Teacher
  • Seller
Some famous ESTJ:
  • Andrew Jackson: US President
  • George W. Bush: US President
  • John D. Rockefeller: American billionaire
  • Sam Walton: Walmart founder
  • Billy Graham: a famous evangelist