INFP people have an inner emotion. They often solve the problems by the ways they feel about them and the looking for the hint of good which is suitable with their personal value. In addition, INFP also have an extraverted intuition that they perceive everything based on their intuition.
Some featured traits of an INFP:
  • Have a strong value system.
  • Care for other people.
  • A server, always put other people’s needs over their needs.
  • Faithful, integrity and contributed to social.
  • Towards the future.
  • Creative and inspire people.
  • Comfortable, except when 1 living principle is broken.
  • Sensitive and complicated.
  • Do not like working in detailed and in procedure.
  • Weird and personal, separate from the crowd.
  • Good at communicating by texts.
  • Like working independently and be able to have difficulties when working in group.
  • Highly evaluate truly and sincere relationships.
  • Desire to be recognized and high evaluated for who they are.
INFP is a special person. They are sensitive and need a career rather than just a job. INFP need to feel that everything they do will be right with their value system and these things will help them and the others develop positively. INFP will be satisfied with occupations that allow them live with their value or make things better for human. A remarkable truth is that almost mighty writers in the world are INFP.
The occupation list below is expected to be most suitable for an INFP. This list is just a reference, not a detailed list. So there is no commitment whether they can be suitable with you or not.
Some suggested occupation for an INFP:
  • Consultant, community server
  • Teacher, professor
  • Musician
  • Business administrator
Some famous INFP:
  • The Hail Mary
  • St. John: apostle that Jesus Christ loves most
  • William Shakespeare: the greatest English playwright
  • Julia Roberts: famous actress