People in INTJ group often approach everything by intuition. Moreover, an INTJ is also extraverted when they solve all problems based on logical thinking.
Some featured traits of an INTJ:
  • Ability to acquire complex knowledge and theories.
  • Create orders and structures from abstract theories.
  • A supreme strategist.
  • Have an overall look
  • Have wide knowledge and believe in their intuition.
  • Highly evaluate their opinions rather than the others’.
  • Interested in challenge of theory.
  • Boring when doing daily tasks.
  • Not persistent with ineffectiveness and ambiguity.
  • Have high standard of working efficiency and apply them strictly.
  • Private and separate from other people.
  • Calm, acquire and analyze.
  • Logical and reasonable.
  • Have independent and unique ideas.
  • Have natural leader skill. However, they just work with people who they can completely support.
  • Creative, clever and innovative.
  • Work independently.
Much more other personality types, INTJ often shine when they apply complicated theories to the problems and then go to long-term strategy. As “giving strategy” is the main motivation of an INTJ, there is a combination between desire and ability in this group. INTJ will be happy and work most effective with the occupation that allows them to create this harmonious combination. This environment allows INTJ people to have more decision rights for their daily lives.
The occupation list below is expected to be most suitable for an INTJ. This list is just a reference, not a detailed list. So there is no commitment whether they can be suitable with you or not.
Some suggested occupation for an INTJ:
  • Scientist
  • Engineer
  • Strategy planner, company structure
  • Business administrator or manager
  • Lawyer
  • Computer programmer, system analyzer or computer expert.
Some famous INTJ:
  • Augustus Caesar (Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: famous actor
  • Rudy Giuliani: American politician
  • General Colin Powell: United State Secretary of State
  • Lance Armstrong: professional road racing cyclist
  • John F. Kennedy: United State President