ISFP people have an inner emotion. They often solve the problems by the ways they feel about them and the looking for the hint of good which is suitable with their personal value. In addition, ISFP also have an extraverted intuition that they perceive everything based on their intuition.
Some featured traits of an ISFP:
  • Care for living and working environment of theirs.
  • Live practically
  • Like a low-speed life. They enjoy life any point of time.
  • Do not like solving abstract problems, except they see their practical application.
  • Sincere and firm with other people as well as with their important ideas
  • Individualism, do not like leading or following someone
  • Serious in everything, but they not always show that
  • Love children and animals
  • Not talk much and reserved, except when they talk to people they know well
  • Trustworthy, sensitive and kind
  • Always help people
  • Develop ability to perceive and evaluate the beauty of art.
  • Unique and creative
  • Acquire best in practice environment
  • Don’t like to be forced in schedule and strictly diet
  • Need private space and freedom to do what they like
  • Don’t like daily tasks, but will do if necessary
ISFP is a special individual. They want a career rather than a job. They want a career that help them develop their core value, not a temporary job. They like living for present and spend time enjoying it, so they aren’t suitable with a dynamic environment. They need a private space and freedom to take advantage of their sensitive perception. If they are free to control their natural abilities, they will wake up an artist person in themselves. Almost famous artist all over the world are ISFP. In addition, ISFP always care for other people’s emotion and reaction as well as help people around them, ISFP people can also be a consultant or a teacher.
The occupation list below is expected to be most suitable for an ISFP. This list is just a reference, not a detailed list. So there is no commitment whether they can be suitable with you or not.
Some suggested occupation for an ISFP:
  • Artist
  • Designer
  • Community server, consultant
  • Psychologist
  • Doctor
  • Media
  • Marketing
Some famous ISFP:
  • Ulysses S. Grant: Unites State President
  • Marilyn Monroe: famous America actress
  • Elizabeth Taylor: famous America actress
  • Michael Jackson: King of Pop