ISTJ – Logistician

A logistician personality type’s main lifestyle is inner thoughts. It means they can feel the world by their 5 senses clearly and in detail. In addition, ISTJ also has an extroversion lifestyle. They use logic and reason to react to all situations.
ISTJ people often have some features:
  • Respect tradition, safety and a peaceful life.
  • Work for a long time and word hard to complete their mission.
  • Believable in completing tasks.
  • Faithful and honest.
  • Stable, practical and have ability to judge.
  • Appreciate family.
  • Do not do unmeaning things.
  • Do not like abstract concept, except they find it can be applied in practical.
  • Ability to be a leader.
  • Like working alone, but can work in group if necessary.
  • Good at observing, can collect information by senses and record them.
  • Variety of real-life experience and use them to solve the problems they have in life.
  • Respect truth and detailed information.
  • Make a decision objectively, applied logical and critical thinking.
  • Have a steady viewpoint of method to complete work.
  • Fond of an order and tidy environment.
  • Have a high standard of the way to treat people and themselves.
  • Not easy to empathize with other’s emotion.
  • Ability to complete tasks well if pay attention.
  • A good citizen.
People with ISTJ personality type are easier to be successful because they are very persistent. They can do anything once they decide to do it. However, they feel more comfortable and happier in some specific areas. They will do the best if their job allows them to apply their organizing skill as well as the strength to create an orderly structure. People with ISTJ are extremely suitable to be a manager or executive in the office. The occupation list below is expected to be most suitable for an ISTJ. This list is just a reference, not a detailed list. So there is no commitment whether they can be suitable with you or not.
Some suggested occupation for an ISTJ:
  • Business management
  • Business administration, CEO
  • Accountant, finance employee
  • Programmer, system analyzer and computer expert
  • Finance analyzer
  • Securities investor
Some famous ISTJ:
Thomas: the Apostle of Jesus Christ
George Washington: America President
Andrew Johnson: America President
Benjamin Harrison: America President
Herbert Hoover: America President
George H. W. Bush: America President
Paul Coverdale: America Senator