IQ of 117 - How to improve?

IQ of 117 means you are a smart group. However, you are only two IQ points above the normal group. So, you should use the following ways to improve your IQ.


1. Listen to music

"Music can make people intelligent." Many studies have demonstrated that music can promote the development of intelligence. The prestigious science journal Nature published a famous article, "Mozart Music Experiment." The experiment shows that Mozart's music causes the two hemispheres of the listener to work simultaneously.

In fact, there are a lot of experiments that show that music can not only foster human creativity, but it can also improve mental concentration and improve academic performance.

Listen to music

You can listen to any music you like, not just classical music. Research has shown that by listening to the music you love, you will improve your IQ by a few points. You can also listen to music at work, as long as it does not affect the focus. Your IQ of 117 will quickly increase as you regularly listen to music


2. Always eat breakfast

Breakfast is important to humans because it is the main source of energy for the brain over long periods of time since the last meal of the day.

Always eat breakfast

Many people who wake up late do not have time to eat breakfast and hurry to study/work immediately should often appear signs of lack of concentration. After a long time without breakfast, human intelligence will decrease.


Studies show that people who eat breakfast will have a good memory, the ability to concentrate is also higher.


3. Read books

Reading will enhance your brain's ability to comprehend, as well as encourage you to think more seriously. Reading a book you have never read before will expand your horizons, thereby enhancing your IQ.

Reading a variety of genres will be a great help for you, such as reading newspapers, reading magazines, periodicals, multi-content (such as the Marketing and Family Magazine), or you can even read technical instructions.

Read books is good for IQ

Make sure that the book you read is appropriate for reading comprehension. Reading a book that is too easy will not help you apart from entertaining, and although you can enhance your IQ by reading novels that far outperform your reading comprehension Frequent use of the dictionary will reduce the enjoyment of reading.

Keep reading and you will quickly improve your IQ of 117!


4. Limit time for watching TV

The impact of watching TV is that it hampers the development of creativity and thinking, and people only accept the information that is available, without thinking and combining it.

Limit time for watching TV

Also, watching TV for long periods, the brain is in a state of stagnation, so you should limit watching TV


5. Learn a foreign language

Those who can speak two languages ​​can concentrate more, the brain will be more alert. In addition, learning a foreign language can expand our vision of the world.

Learn a foreign language

6. Do a lot of work at once


Do a lot of work at once

Doing at the same time things like using computers, listening to music, math workouts ... etc require you to focus. All these tasks are usually simple to do individually but if done at the same time it will be very easy to mistake if you neglect. So this is considered a way to train concentration for the brain.


7. Exercise

A Swedish study shows that health is closely correlated with human IQ.

According to the study, if the child ages 9 to 10 exercise for 20 minutes before the test, the score will be significantly improved.

Exercise is good for IQ

Exercise helps people to have a healthy body and spirit of alertness. Without health, the human IQ will also be limited. So, to improve your IQ of 117 you need to work out your daily exercise routine.


8. Get enough sleep

The Stanford study found that people who had a certain amount of sleep had a more linguistic, mathematical and readable appearance than those who lack sleep.

enough sleep is good your IQ

9. Play video games properly

Video games help improve many human skills. According to a study by the University of California at Berkeley, video games can improve hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, reasoning, visual differentiation, judgment, hypothesis testing. , fast response and thinking, memory enhancement, decision making ... So, when playing video games properly, your IQ of 117 will quickly improve.

Play video games properly


10. Smile - Simple but effective

The brain controls the body, but the body can also affect the brain with signals sent to the nervous system. In fact, the body and mind work together to create a human perception of the world.

Smile - Simple but effective

The researchers looked at how the brain analyzed the signals received from the body and offered some ways to help people improve their mind. According to studies, laughing without reason will fool the brain and give people a more relaxed, happy feeling.

In one experiment, participants were asked to hold their mouths in the same way that facial expressions were laughing. The researchers found that these participants dealt with stressful tasks better than those who did not chew and had no facial expressions.


In short, in very simple ways, you can completely improve IQ of 117 to a higher level. So practice hard and keep learning so your IQ increase!


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