IQ of 133 - What do you need to do to become a genius?

IQ of 133 means you are very intelligent, only 2% of the world population. At this point, you just have to try a bit more to belong to a genius or sub-genius group.

Although innate talent has a tremendous impact on extraordinary results, in fact, more and more studies show that all success is a combination of practice, familiarity and thought. So try to form the following habits:

Spend 10 minutes each day to think

Do you often ask yourself why you do these jobs? IQ of 133 is there any improvement?

The answer is not simply a list of tasks you perform on a daily basis, nor is it a simple answer such as "because I go to work to cover my life" or "that's the hobby of I." If you think it's an ideal place to start your career, it's important to point out what that is.

How about the world around you to make you feel excited or not? Is there anything you are not happy about it?

In your life, how many ideals are you cherishing and trying to achieve? Are there any wrong intentions?

These are just the surface of the problem, the interpretation of profound, contingent questions will help you go further in your career and help you think clearer. Besides, the things that are useful for you will help you have more fun, and that is also the basis for your life easier than ever.

Spend 10 minutes each day to think

By taking a few moments to think carefully and deeply, great ideas will emerge in the mind, which is the result obtained on the basis of the experience gained in life, Rather, you have to understand and break your limits to reach higher goals.

From now on, start each day with a conundrum and take the time to ponder and explain it.

Spend 20 minutes a day reading

Taking time to read books is a great way to keep up, even ahead of age.

The books of great wisdom will share with you the precious content, it contains the depth of all aspects of life. It is considered to be the crystallization of the things they observe, study or even the experiences they have had in their lives.

A wonderful book will help you learn new and valuable things, and even if the book appears at the right time it can completely change your life. With a commitment of 20 minutes a day, you are giving yourself the opportunity, not just anyone else.

Spend 20 minutes a day reading

If you read for 20 minutes or about 15 pages per day, then by the end of the year, you have completed 15 to 20 books. It's really a profitable investment of time and money that is more meaningful than any other activity. In particular, thanks to this habit you can quickly raise your IQ score from IQ of 133 to genius.

Spend 30 minutes to concentrate each day

It can be said that the greatest teacher in the world is the process of mastering and developing personal capacity.

When you combine the body and the brain together to concentrate on something, you are giving yourself the opportunity to keep your mind from getting disturbed, and the results will be much better when you are affected by these by the surrounding elements.

It is not surprising that a musician concentrates on making a melody to the point where he forgets the time or when an artist concentrates on his work so much that does not hear anything around, he will produce masterpieces.

Spend 30 minutes to concentrate each day

In a highly concentrated state, your intelligence will be maximized, from which your ability to express itself is maximized. In 30 minutes of operation as a machine, the results bring you even greater than a day you are dominated by too many things.

To have to get the optimal learning is one of the most important lessons, especially in a world that is changing every single minute. And the first thing is to learn how to focus on what you are interested in or what you are aiming for.

Whether it's a hobby or an individual project, it's only worth it when you're dedicated to it, even just taking half an hour a day to perfect one by one.

At first glance, It seems that most people have done these things but feel the positive change is not significant.

But in fact, while everyone is spending 10 minutes thinking, what they think is not really deep; While people read for 20 minutes, the ones they re-read are not worth; And while everyone agrees that they have done something in 30 minutes, they are not in the process of accomplishing their goals and are distracted more or less.

Focus on the goal of improving from IQ of 133 to genius, you will soon become a genius.

Most of the people we see smart do not achieve anything dramatically or through magic. They just do little things that most people forget. And from time to time, these little things accumulate, turning into the result that people around them always admire and longing.

Not everyone is born a genius, but anyone can be smarter if you know how to learn and do not stop training. So you can become a genius now that you only have IQ of 133!

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