IQ of 129 - Criminals with higher intelligence

IQ of 129 is a high figure, it shows that you are intelligent and the world only 14% of people just like you. That means you can easily catch up and solve all kinds of problems. You do not have to limit yourself to any job, just concentrate and try to succeed. So, the following criminals, who have a higher IQ than 129, have used their superiority to succeed in the criminal field and become criminals extremely dangerous to society


Edmund Kemper - Cold Blooded Murderer

With an IQ of 136, higher than IQ of 129, Edmund Kemper Emil III is very intelligent. Edmund Kemper Emil III was born on December 8, 1948, in Burbank, California. At age 15, Edmund was rushed to a psychiatric hospital after shooting his grandparents and living there until he was 21.

Edmund is often referred to as cold-blooded murder because he often kills the victim. One of them was his mother.

While in custody in a mental hospital, with his intelligence and dick, Kemper learned all the answers to 28 different assessment devices. Thanks to that, he easily passed all the tests. And that was enough to make Kemper a "safe man" in society and released from the camp after six years of living here.

At the age of 13, Kemper killed his pet cat with a knife and stuffed it in the closet. Clarnell discovers this and seems to be mad at his son.

Edmund Kemper IQ 136

Kemper ran away to find his father. He thought he would have a better life. But his father, Edmund Jr, was married and had a son. So he did not expect the arrival of Kemper.

Sometime later, Kemper was taken to Montana. Clarnell did not even greet him when she was planning her remarriage. Kemper was sent to California for grandparents. Kemper thought he was fit to live here, but it was here that he started killing people.

Kemper is aware that he is a dangerous killer when he can not control himself. Kepmer is available to answer questions and twice denied the right to request a lawyer. Later, at trial, Kemper said that he had a lawyer but was not accepted.


He admitted he had killed nine people, including his grandparents. He knew how to create a trusting cover so that the victims who used to ride his car did not feel hesitant despite the police warning.

To prove what he said was true, Kepmer also showed the police how he killed people. At the same time, he also revealed where he hid and the funeral of the victims.

After killing six young girls, Kemper's next target was his mother, Clarnell. Fearing being found murdered at home, Kemper wondered whether he should run away or kill her.

Knowing that his mother was asleep, Kemper came in with a hammer. At this point, he thinks he needs to kill his mother for "revenge", revenge for the way he was raised to be a killer now.

Andrew Cunanan

Andrew Cunanan, with an IQ of 147, is much higher than the IQ of 129, 21 years old and 7 years old.


Born on August 31, 1969, in California, USA, Andrew Cunanan is one of the notorious criminals who is listed by the FBI as a wanted list worldwide. He is a gay man who works in high-end men's lines.

But he was also a cold-blooded assassin when in just three months in 1997 he made five consecutive murders, in which famous hair stylist Gianni Versace was one of his victims.

Andrew Cunanan IQ 147

Handsome, sweet, erudite and extremely intelligent, Andrew Cunanan owns so much what is called the gift of creativity from a very young age. At the age of 21, Andrew's intelligent brain was fluent in seven languages, making him the most learned of his friends, even for the older. Andrew reads in advance the intentions of the designers, tricking the smart philosophers and capturing the attention of everyone in the big room with only his nod of arrogance. Despite his homosexuality, Andrew is proud of it and does not care what people say about him. Nothing seems to bother Andrew Cunanan.

But, beneath the seemingly strong and powerful exterior, it was an explosion of emotion that led to Andrew Cunanan murdering a total of five people in three months, including two mistresses and a designer. fashion world Giannai Versace.

Because of Andrew's normal appearance, the police did not expect the possibility of his crime to be timely detected and prevented. As a result, five people were killed by Andrew's gun. Criminal laboratories cannot find Andrew's fingerprints. He has never been arrested. Andrew's sins seem to counteract the norms of society after experiencing a long, miserable childhood.


Carroll Cole

Carol Edward Cole, who has an IQ of 152, is a much more desirable figure than IQ of 129 at the age of 14, but Cole is only in grade 10 due to drug use and problems. about nerves. This is one of the smartest criminals in the world.

Carol Edward Cole was born on May 9, 1938, in Sioux City, Iowa, as a result of a love affair between his mother and another man. For this reason, he had anger among all the women who made him think of his mother.

In each case, the circumstances are very similar: meet in the bar, offer to make love, and then strangled to death. And not just the murders in Dallas. There were actually six other cases in the past nine years. According to Carroll, they were all drunks. All were strangled dead. And some were raped after death.

Carroll Cole IQ 152

Carroll's trial began on April 6, 1981, with the presiding judge of the trial, John Mead. Carroll tells a story about teenage adultery, which violates cruelty and cruelty. It was this in his mind that formed a sickly obsession about women, seeing all of them as betrayers of their husbands or lovers.

Carroll told the jury, "When I killed these women, I thought I was killing her (Mother Carroll). Carroll was convicted.

Stepping out of the execution room a few minutes later, Dan Seaton told television reporters: It was interesting to see that justice had been made. Unfortunately, it took four decades and 16 lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars to finish the case.


In short, with their intelligence higher than their IQ of 129, these criminals have caused a series of murder cases, infuriating the investigators. Therefore, intelligence is not enough that people need to have moral. IQs can be very high but without morality, they are still bad elements of society!

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