IQ of 123 and 7 ways to practice brain IQ

Personality thought, and emotion is all closely related to the brain. But according to a study by psychologist and psychiatrist Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we can change our brains in a better way.

Some of the methods and exercises were given by Davidson can help us to stimulate neurons to get positive thoughts. From there, we can raise our awareness and ability to focus, understand social messages, let go of negative emotions and become more flexible. So, although you currently own the IQ 123 (smart people and accounted for 14%) but certainly this score will be improved quickly thanks to the following methods:


1. Rearrange your workplace and space

Richard Davidson suggests that you rearrange your home and workspace in a positive way. It also means that you should decorate the space around the work area so that when you look at you feel optimistic, happy, happy.

After conducting the research, scientists have shown that staying in touch with objects and images that bring optimism will help people to have positive thoughts, clear in life and work. Every day, while giving confidence.

Rearrange your workplace and space

So, from today, you have to rearrange your working angle and space to be neat and tidy to help improve your intelligence from IQ of 123 to higher numbers. the genius.


2. Express your gratitude


Scientists say that the simplest way to express gratitude is to say "Thank you". Dr. Davidson said that saying "Thank you" regularly will help you feel more positive, stimulating the active neuron.


But the power of thanks is not just that. When receiving the thanks, the opponent also feels the effort paid off, the value of self-importance and most of the case feel "warm heart."

Express your gratitude

In other words, expressing gratitude will bring many benefits. At this time, the hormone oxytocin will strongly affect the positive emotions of people such as the attitude of trust, sympathy, and tolerance. So when receiving help from someone who is small, do not be afraid, look into their eyes and say thank you sincerely.


In fact, gratitude gives you a better mood, better sleep quality, less inflammation in heart failure patients according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association. And day by day make that habit valuable, according to health.

More optimistic

Make a quick note of the "hooray" at beautiful moments passing by you. According to research from gratitude specialist Dr. Robert Emmos, people who have a habit of reading gratitude magazines are more optimistic and happy than the rest.

Make connections

At the high school level, mentors often want to receive handwritten thank-you letters from start-up people who have received advice from them. Such letters always make the reader feel warm and the best way to keep in touch.

Less depression

University students often express their gratitude to the people who helped them. People who are thankful are less likely to experience depression or depression, the study said in the Scandinavian psychology journal.

So, expressing gratitude also helps you improve your IQ score. It may still be the IQ of 123, but the future will be a higher one.


3. Praise

Praising others is also a way to train the brain. Trying to find the good of each and the opportunity to praise them is a good way to make it easier for us to discover the strengths of people in our daily lives. Besides, it also gives you a glimpse of a much easier life.


In addition, saying compliments is a very simple secret in communication that brings efficiency is extremely great. A "standard" compliment is a combination of sincerity, timing, motivation, and word usage.

4. Meditation


Meditation helps the person to attain enlightenment, absolute tranquility, thereby regulating the life, relieving the stresses of modern life, but nowadays. In addition, meditation helps to develop concentration, heighten awareness and attention of the brain besides relaxing benefits.


Taking a brain magnetic resonance imaging, meditators will meditate daily to stimulate some parts of the cerebral cortex, thus helping you to remember long, increase intelligence.


Dr. Davidson suggests simple meditation: Choose the time you feel most comfortable, then sit back straight, focus on the breath, feel the changes in the body. If distracted, relax your body and focus your attention on the breath.


5. Focus on one object 10 minutes a day

Dr. Davidson offers an additional method of concentration training. It is sitting in a quiet room, concentrating on an object (the flowerpot, paintings, photographs ...) within 10 minutes. If distracted, direct the eye's attention to the object.

Focus on one object 10 minutes a day

This method helps to limit the neuron concentration. This can also be considered an eye-opener, as keeping the eye focused on a fixed object can dramatically increase eye focus. Focus on one object 10 minutes a day also improves the IQ of 123.


6. Notice the body language

While human beings have no voice, the body language is the only mode of communication that helps us to interpret the "unspoken words".

Notice the body language

Over time, the importance of body language has risen, so far the adoption or understanding of body language plays a very important role in the work (especially in presentations) and life.

Focus on the body language of others. When observing, try to guess their mood. Then pay attention to the facial cues, gestures, and the relationship between them and the tone of the voice, and then present the best possible behaviors.


According to Dr. Davidson, this approach is intended to improve the sensitivity to catching up on social messages and advancing in the way people "deal with".


7. Identify emotional factors

If you are a hot person or are overwhelmed and overreacted, you probably should. Basically, this method is similar to "meditation".

Identify emotional factors

Take time to list your events or behaviors with negative reactions. Then think about the causes of those behaviors, whether right or wrong, while deep and slow breathing, you will feel much more comfortable. This will help you repel negative feelings and make it easier for you to acquire new knowledge. Therefore, raising the IQ of 123 to a higher number will also be simpler.


In short, with seven simple methods, you can easily improve IQ to a better level. The methods are simple and easy to practice in everyday life. So now you own IQ of 123 but if you persist in the practice of these methods you will quickly own the higher scores in the shortest time! If you do not know what your IQ is, please click here! 

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